Energy Efficiency

WiringEnergy Audits

Undertaking a wide range of Energy Audits for numerous SME’s and large industrial clients and the implementation of the recommendations where the clients agreed that the return on investment was attractive. Some of the client types and energy savings opportunities implemented are detailed as follows:

  • Cement Manufacturer – kiln temperature control upgrade to reduce operating times and energy usage
  • Equestrian Centre – improvements to the internal lighting to reduce running costs
  • Aluminium casting plant – improvements to the site furnaces to reduce cycle times
  • Food manufacturer – upgrade to the thermal oil heating system to reduce operating pressures and running costs

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Design, procurement and installation of a new £800k HVAC system associated with the improvement of environmental conditions in the factory of a major industrial client and implementation of “free cooling”, to reduce workplace temperatures during the summer months.


Detailed Feasibility Studies were undertaken for a number of SME’s and larger industrial and manufacturing clients interested to determine the practicality and economics of installing a gas or oil fuelled CHP systems to meet the site electrical/heat energy demand including:

  • Brewery
  • Powdered Milk Plant
  • Tobacco Factory
  • Moulded Fibre Plant
  • Cement Manufacturing Facility