Process Technology

Borewell-Control-PanelNitrogen Generation

Design, project management and installation supervision of a nitrogen generation system to displace bulk liquid deliveries using a pressure swing absorption (PSA) plant for a large manufacturing company.

Brewery CIP

Design and installation of major Cleaning In Place (CIP) system associated with the sterilisation and flushing of brewing processes and road tanker cleaning for a large brewery site.

Thermal Fluids

Detailed design of the modifications to the thermal fluid distribution systems to improve thermal efficiency, improve controllability, increase process output, etc. in a high speed masking tape manufacturing plant.

Adhesive Mixing

Chlorine-dioxide-generationProcess simulation and modelling of a £1.6million adhesive mixing facility utilising solvents, resins, powders and rubber to optimise the production efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Fluids Storage and Distribution

Design, installation supervision and project management of a complete fluids storage and distribution system associated with a forklift production plant including petrol, diesel, hydraulic fluid, coolant, transmission fluid, differential fluid, etc.

Precast Concrete

Research and development of a system to improve the curing of concrete for a precast concrete plant increased production output by 24%.