Renewable Energy

chp-plantInvest NI

Provision of technical consultancy services to Invest NI associated with the auditing of 9No ‘Energy from Waste’ proposals sourcing EREF (Environment and Renewable Energy Funding) funds during 2007/08. The technical assessment of the proposals included an appraisal of the technology selected to meet individual client’s requirements (anaerobic digestion, gasification, combined heat and power, biomass combustion, etc.), plant capacity criteria, energy outputs, financial and carbon savings projections and return on investment.

Carbon Trust

Borewell-Drilling-RigCompletion of a Study for Carbon Trust in 2008 associated with ‘Waste to Energy Utilisation Potential for Northern Ireland’. The Study identified the industrial processes where significant (greater than 1MW) of usable waste heat was available and the potential that exists within the locale, for this to be utilised by existing processes. It also investigated the potential contribution that phase change materials could have if used as a thermal store/battery allowing the energy to be easily transported to where the demand exists. One major area of interest was the potential to use waste heat energy for high value horticulture and biomass production opportunities.

Waste to Energy

Feasibility Study and Outline Design of a Waste to Energy Plant for a large manufacturing site that has in excess of 1,500 tonnes/annum of combustible waste available.

Rapeseed Oil

Feasibility Study into the economics of growing, harvesting, crushing and abstraction of rapeseed oil for a client wishing to manufacture biodiesel for use in a local fuel distribution business.